3D Printed Pip-Boy 3000

This was a commission we received to print. The file was provided by the client. We printed it and then they finished and painted it. It was unbelievable seeing how well it came out.  

Engraved Tudor Rose

This is a comissioned art piece. This was made using luan wood which was then engraved using our CNC machine. The wood was stained and then painted, a final sealing coat was added on at the end to protect it.    

Table Top Puzzle Grid Tiles

This is an in progress project we are working on. The tiles snap together to make a custom sized mat for you to play your grid based table top games on.  These will be available for purchase soon!

3D Printed Trooper Helmet

We were commissioned to 3D print this Trooper helmet. This was printed using IC3D’s white PLA. The helmet was printed in three parts, the top dome, the face, and the back.